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Has there ever been a year like this one? Given the assault from the Left, and from fair-weather friends and sunshine patriots, it is important (vital!) that National Review, the voice of conservatism, have the support of good people who are dedicated to our movement’s eternal principles.

Whether good times and bad, National Review is committed to be there on behalf of the causes it espouses and the movement Bill Buckley founded in 1955. That’s over 60 years ago. We’ve been here through thick and thin, and intend to be here for 60 more, in the arena, alongside you and other friends of Liberty.

Your financial support is vital to those things we believe and cherish. At this pivotal moment for our movement, your contribution to National Review, the most articulate and consequential voice of liberty and freedom, will matter greatly. Please stand with conservatism, with our principles. Please stand with this critical cause that is National Review.

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